Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ghosts Ghouls and Goblins, oh my!

In leiu of Halloween I decided to make a simple two-day game about trick or treating.  Once again I used Gosu, but for this I stuck with Ruby as the language.  For Windows users who don't feel like figuring out how to get Ruby on their system I packaged the whole deal using RubyScript2exe which works fairly well.  

The game is pretty basic, you are a ghost going from house to house collecting candy.  However, other trick or treaters will "attack" you.  You can jump over them or throw candy to stun them and get by, but don't throw all of your candy!  Controls are just arrow keys and space bar.  You win by just lasting through to the end of the night (moon goes down).

Get package here  

Monday, April 28, 2008

Hamsterball Galaxy

This project began my use of Julian Raschke's Gosu minimalist 2D game library and Erin Catto's Box2D physics library. This is intended to be a simple and polished game. For myself, it is a project to solidify my knowledge of C++.

The concept is simple: you are stuck inside of a ball and must move about each level collecting keys to get out. In each level you are pushed to master your prison even further by learning how to use the environment.

What this means is that we have a physics based game where the environment has certain effects on your movement. There are 5 types of walls;
  • Normal - no effect
  • Bounce - propels you away
  • Push - invisible barrier
  • Magnet - pulls you
  • Sticky - nullifies your movement

Using these you can work your way through each level. Your overall progress is measured by a timer and is recorded to a high scores screen. When you fall off the timer adds 10 seconds, but you are allowed to respawn as many times as necessary.

Windows exe | Mac app (currently broken)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cardboard Land

Last semester I began work on an adventure/puzzler game where you, a man composed of cardboard boxes, must venture away from the protection of your humble village to locate necessary supplies to sustain your family and friends. This is developed using the Torque Game Engine Advanced for my engine as well as using Maya and Photoshop for content creation.

Many components of it are broken down in my development blog. I plan on continuing this project when my free time is again realized. There are a number of things that I wish to complete before I can consider this "done".

  • destructible character
  • use of HDR and bloom
  • blended animation
  • simple state based reflex agent AI
  • hover vehicle (boat)
  • sketch able map


As a whole, I believe that this game has evolved fairly well. I did not sit down and plan much, I just garnered ideas and ran with them, adapting them to what I believe is interesting game play as best as I could. There are many things that I must work over and expand upon before it will be a game that I myself would find fun and worthy of playing. However, it has potential and isn't out of reach.

Download (Windows only, sorry)