Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cardboard Land

Last semester I began work on an adventure/puzzler game where you, a man composed of cardboard boxes, must venture away from the protection of your humble village to locate necessary supplies to sustain your family and friends. This is developed using the Torque Game Engine Advanced for my engine as well as using Maya and Photoshop for content creation.

Many components of it are broken down in my development blog. I plan on continuing this project when my free time is again realized. There are a number of things that I wish to complete before I can consider this "done".

  • destructible character
  • use of HDR and bloom
  • blended animation
  • simple state based reflex agent AI
  • hover vehicle (boat)
  • sketch able map


As a whole, I believe that this game has evolved fairly well. I did not sit down and plan much, I just garnered ideas and ran with them, adapting them to what I believe is interesting game play as best as I could. There are many things that I must work over and expand upon before it will be a game that I myself would find fun and worthy of playing. However, it has potential and isn't out of reach.

Download (Windows only, sorry)

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